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Tissum by Arzu Kaprol Masks #2Buy1Donate

 With Tissum by Arzu Kaprol Masks, you can have a stylish mask with a registered protective feature, and you can also support Non-Governmental Organizations! 

The mask collection Tissum by Arzu Kaprol, born from the collaboration of designer Arzu Kaprol with Tissum Health company, draws attention with its qualified structure and patterns. The masks, produced in accordance with TSE and European norms, offer the opportunity to be placed behind the ear in accordance with the anatomy of the person thanks to their strong filtration and ergonomic structures. Thus, the discomfort that may arise from long use during the day is prevented.


Masks designed with patterns identified with Arzu Kaprol are sold as a set of 2 with 7 different options. The income of one mask against both masks offered for sale with the “buy 2, donate 1” campaign is; transferred to a special education fund. Education fund; It is donated equally to 3 NGOs, namely Darüşafaka, Koruncuk and TEV

99,90 (vat inc.)
99,90 (vat inc.)
99,90 (vat inc.)
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