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• What type of mask is Tissum Health Mask?
Tissum Health Mask is a healthy, safe and fashionable mask consisting of three layers that provides Medical Mask Protection Standards.

• How should I wear my mask?
Please wash your hands before using your mask. First, put your mask on your nose and adjust the ear straps according to your face. While doing this, be careful not to touch the front and back of your mask. When wearing or removing your mask, only hold it by the earhook and keep it in its storage bag when not in use. During use, take care not to touch your face and mask.

• Why should I use a mask?
In daily social life, you should use a mask against the risk of infection by you or others. The mask provides protection from viruses and bacteria that act in particles.

• Is social distance still required when wearing my mask?
In the pandemic process, keeping social distance at all times when you are not at home is recommended by experts in all conditions. Your mask will provide you with extra protection, preventing any virus and bacteria transmission.

•Who shouldn’t use a mask?
Children under the age of 2 and people with breathing difficulties should make their mask selections and uses according to their doctor’s advice.

• Do its features deteriorate as it is washed?
No, your mask retains all of its properties after washing.

• How often should I wash it?
Always wash your mask after each use or at the end of each day. Do not allow anyone else to use it other than you.

• Is it machine washed?
Your mask can be washed both by hand and machine. You can wash it in the washing machine up to 60 degrees. Please, wash your masks in a program suitable for their colors and with similar colors. Do not bleach. For long life, do not use intensive spinning and drying programs.

• How many minutes should I wash in the machine?
 If you are going to wash them in awashing machine , a program of 60 minutes and 20 minutes using detergent will be sufficient.

• Should I use cold water if I will wash by hand?
 If you are going to wash your mask by hand, please use hot water and cleaning agent. The World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health recommend 60 degrees celcius and detergent wash.

• Can it be dry cleaned?
Do not dry clean.

• Is there any problem if the wire comes out?
The absence of the wire does not impede the use of your mask. Your mask will continue to protect you with all its features.

• If it looks small on my face?
Your mask can be adjusted according to your face. You can make it suitable for your face with the help of adjustable ear loops.

• If it looks big on my face?
Your mask has a feature that can be adjusted according to your face. You can make it suitable for your face with the help of adjustable ear loops. Also, if your face type is small, we recommend trying kids/teens size masks.

• Is there a teens size?
Kids and teens size are the same. It is adjustable and flexible.

• How old children can use the kids/teens size?
Kids / teens size is suitable for 3-17 years old.

• What are the return conditions?
The goods whose protective elements such as packaging, tape or seal are opened are non-returnable and non-refundable due to health and hygiene safety rights of our consumers.

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