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Finger Print 1 (Set of 2)

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• Package contents 2 pieces mask.
• Designed for multi-use; machine-wash resistant to over 50 washings.
• Upper and lower fabric is OEKO-TEX certified poly-elastane fabric with anti-microbial properties.
• The middle layer consists of Microfilament filtration fabric, which provides 99.5% high protection.
• It has a comfortable breathing feature suitable for all-day use.
• It prevents the passage of bacteria and viruses with a nasal metal that provides a good fit to the face.
• Fits perfectly to the face with adjustable earloops.
• It is sold with the “Tissum Storage Bag” for storage in hygienic conditions when not in use.
• It is designed in different models with digital printing.
• For corporate companies, products with special designs or logo can be designed.
• Manufactured in accordance with European Norms EN14863: 2019 + AC: 2019 Standard. According to the test results of EUROFINS-EUROLAB, qualifies the highest level of mask norms- Type IIR Certificate.
• The European Certificate of Conformity is CE Certified.
• It qualifies TSE K599 conditions in TSE standards.
• Made in Turkey.

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